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These questions are for 2012-2013

ITB Star in the Forest, what does "deportado" mean

IWB is a main character named Lumawoo?

ITB Rowan of Rin, the bukshah are used for many purposes. Name 3 of these purposes.
Answer: for milk, for wool, plowing the fields, carry in the harvest, or transportation to the coast

IWB does a character have a friend named Megan Moriarty?
answer: The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies

What did dwight do to Zach Martin when caroline asked yoda a question?
Jump out of a bush and got beat up by zach

who is the maker of origami yoda?

who tried to copy an origami yoda from dwight?

why did origami yoda get ripped ?
he wanted caroline to like him

what is origami yoda made of ?