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Eva Ibbotson
Eva Ibbotson


Kevin Hawkes
Kevin Hawkes


Publishers Weekly described the plot in this way: “In 1910, Maia, an English orphan, accompanied by her newly appointed governess, Miss Minton, sets off to Brazil to live with distant cousins. She dreams of exploring the banks of the Amazon and viewing exotic wildlife, but her self-serving cousins and their spoiled twin daughters despise the outdoors almost as much as they despise Maia. The heroine feels like a prisoner, forced to live inside the “dark clinical green” walls of her relatives’ bungalow. Her life would be dismal indeed, if she didn’t sneak out every once in a while to meet up with two other orphans with whom she has crossed paths: Clovis, a traveling actor, who longs to return to England, and Finn, a rich heir, who would rather live with the “Indians” than be sent to the British estate where his grandfather eagerly awaits his arrival. Suspense steadily rises as all three of the children attempt to escape their undesired fates. Thanks to a series of surprising coincidences and strokes of good luck, the orphans manage to change their destinies.”



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