OBOB is about asking and answering questions that begin with "In which book (IWB)...", and "In the book (ITB)...". For example, IWB does a great horned owl eat a mouse? An example of an "In the book" question is: ITB, Poppy, what is the name of the owl?

Try to write some practice questions and answers. There are several places to add them to this wiki:

1. You can add more questions to the huge list of questions only (no answers) to help one another practice.

2. There's a collection of "In the Book" (ITB) or content questions on the "In The Book" page. You can add to this ITB collection of questions and answers, or just read through it. OR, you might want to write questions about a particular book on the page for that book.

3. If you want to see "In Which Book" (IWB) questions and answers, look at our IWB question and answer collection.