try these ideas:

  • write notes to yourself as you read a book (on a separate piece of paper). What to write down? Write down bits of information that you think are important.

  • Instead of reading silently to yourself, read out loud. It helps your brain remember what you've read.

  • Read the book more than once.

  • Read more than 4 books so that each book has been read by at least 2 members of the team.

  • Learn the authors' names (first and last). It might help to listen to the author pronounce his/her name. Click on that link on most of the book pages.

  • Learn the books' genres. The genres are listed on each book's page (when you click on the book cover or title on the Home page).

  • Write practice questions on the toucanbob discussion pages for each book, or add your questions to the Huge List of Questions, and quiz your team mates or your parents.

  • Your team will not get penalized for a wrong answer, so always give an answer during a battle, even if it's a guess!

  • Listen carefully to the battle question so that you don't have to ask for the question to be repeated, thereby wasting time that you and your team mates could be using to discuss the answer. If it's the other team's question, listen carefully to their answer. If they answer incorrectly, your team has a good chance to answer the question properly.

Listen to your teamates!!

  • Add to this list with some of your ideas!